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Rezistor was formed in Constanta, Romania (EU), in November 2008, when we decided to quit our former bands in order to create more aggressive music. After years of playing in various bands, it was time to go back to basics and simply enjoy writing and playing music, rather than getting caught in technicalities and all sorts of stuff that drive the musician away from the real purpose of being in a band: enjoying music.

Rezistor plays thrash "seasoned" metal; the songs are simple and stripped of all the unnecessary "gimmicks" in order to get back to the core of metal music: the perfect rhythms for headbanging. As metal fans ourselves, we know most people attending a gig are more interested in how tight a song sounds, or how much groove a guitar riff has, rather than senseless displays of virtuousness - and that's exactly what Rezistor is set to deliver: raw, but effective tunes for the mosh pit.

Rezistor's current line up is: Eugen - vocals, Alex - guitar, Valentin - bass.

Due to distance and personal lifes we like to take our time in doing things.

After putting together a number of songs, we started in May 2010 the recording of our debut album. "Beware the Silent" is Rezistor's response to the society we live in: one governed by corrupted laws that chain the individual and alienate him from the fundamental human values. Its lifeforce is feeding on the dark energy boiling deep down inside each individual forced to obey unjust rules and punished for not blindly conforming to a shallow and artificial grey society.

The album features 8 songs: 7 with English lyrics and one in Romanian, with powerful and introspective lyrics. The cover artwork was created by Costin Chioreanu (Twilight13Media) and it represents a very personal and unique representation of the album's lyrical content and atmosphere.

"Beware the Silent" is selfproduced, with a set intention of obtaining a raw old-school sound, as close as possible to an actual live rehearsal performance, without losing sound clarity: no modern processing, no fillers, no artificial tricks to wow the listener while masking the lack of inspiration and musical content, just pure unfiltered metal riffing and throat shouting. We don't care about musical trends and we prefer to remain loyal to the roots of old school aggressive metal, and that is the foundation "Beware the Silent" was built upon.

Please visit the "News Archive 2010" for photo slides describing all the steps of the recording process; album cover, tracklist as well as direct download link are posted in the Releases section. Lyrics and reviews are available in the Media section.

It took four gruesome years to get the new album from "blueprint" to "production line", in spite of having the material ready just 3 months after the release of the debut album. Everything went downhill: life threatening health issues, internal turmoil and so called friends leaving the "boat" without warning. We got to the point when we asked ourselves if it was still possible to continue as a band. But like the old saying goes: "a friend in need is a friend indeed", our good friend and pro drummer Ionut Micu agreed to jump in and help us record the album. Having such a dedicated musician with a healthy positive energy on board changed eveything and got us back on track. Recordings went fast, but there were countless setbacks caused by the local studio, so we were forced to take a radical decision and contact Marius Costache for mixing & mastering. And once again we enrolled Costin Chioreanu for the album cover & layout.

We promised a faster, heavier album, and we deliver! "By Any Means Necessary" is packed with catchy riffs, killer drumming and angry throaty vocals. The production is heavy and compact. Everything is mosh pit ready. And after going through hell and back to make it a reality, what better title than "By Any Means Necessary", right?

Currently promoting the new album. For any question regarding the band & musical activity please contact us at: or

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