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Review: Rezistor - Beware the Silent
[Author: Nima - Published on: Lords of Metal]

I canít name that many bands from Romania. Especially when it comes to bands that have had more international recognition, I personally donít come further than Negura Bunget and Magica. Recently the debut album by Rezistor Ė which had already been released in February 2011 Ė with two former Magica members in the band, arrived on my desk.

Rezistor however is not at all to be compared to Magica. This quartet plays simple thrash, with both elements from the traditional sound and contemporary thrash. To form an idea of what you can expect, you can think of the older Sepultura, the more modern riffing by Overkill, Korzus and somewhat also of the feel and atmosphere of bands like S.O.D., M.O.D. and Suicidal Tendencies. Add vocals a la Peter Steele in his Carnivore days and At Warís Paul Arnold, and you may get an idea of Rezistorís sound.

In general the band has come up with good riffs and thanks to its good production, the songs make a powerful impression. The music however is quite simple, which isnít necessarily bad, but in this case is sometimes too predictable. And seeing that most song offer little variety, they tend to lose your attention rather quickly. And when you consider the total playing time to be only a half an hour, thatís not exactly fortunate. Altogether the gentlemen definitely show potential, but this debut doesnít have what it takes to stand out in this flooded genre. The band however has made the entire album available for free download. They do deserve a listen.

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