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Simply Ir-Rezistable
[Author: Chris Butera - Published on: Review Fix]

As the thrash scene is booming worldwide, underground bands have reincorporated “groove” into their thrash.

Rezistor is one of those bands.

Their debut, “Beware the Silent,” is packed with heavy riffs, catchy shred work and lots of groove.

“Go Away” and “Enough” are placed excellently as the first two tracks as the heavy intros bounce into the riffs nicely and the songs compliment each other well. “Go Away” being especially catchy. The next track “Unbound” has killer lyrics and interesting solo sections. The riffage is chunky and handles nicely with the flow of the song. “For You” has a cool bass intro followed by a heavy punch in the face from the guitars. It is one of the groovier tracks that makes you headbang, although the lyrics are a little silly.

The title track is probably the most interesting song on the album because of the influences that range in it. There is a lot going on in the grooves and a chug that keeps you going “Ooooh.”. There is some “Iced Earth” in here as well- the Pantera that has been present the whole time.

“Never Say Never” is another catchy tune that Rezistor lays down smoothly. The riffs sound a bit more raw here for some reason but it works to their advantage nicely. “Vice” is another solid tune. One of the faster songs on the album flows quite nicely. The groove is awesome along with a really sick lick for transition. This is one of the better songs on the album and stands out.

The final track, “De Partea Mea,” is another quick track, the shortest on the album. It is very well put together and is spoken in their native Romanian tongue, which is cool to hear.

In short, Rezistor has a solid debut with a raw sound that puts it in the late ’80s to early ’90s-esque category. The influences range from Pantera to Iced Earth to Slayer to Anthrax. Their sound is groovy and not common these days, so it is very nice to hear something different. Overall, the riffs are catchy and the band is tight.

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